The concept of energy recovery REVAC extends to applications in non-residential buildings, where space is reduced: offices, schools, shops, universities, hotels… The use of air-air counterflow plates heat recovery enables to obtain an optimal energy recovery, that compliances with legislation and guaranteeing energy savings whose result is an economic saving to the end user.
The possibility of incorporating exchangers pre and post treatment in this series, enables a protecting system, increase the level of user comfort and overcome the total ventilation loads with minimal energy supply, making it versatile, complete and autonomous at all levels.
heat exchanger speed variable

REVAC series are a complete solution for air flows up to 4500 m3/h. Its compactness and its compatibility with pre and post-treatment modules (by water and/or electrical resistance) make this a versatile range. The possibility of fans velocity regulation, a high efficiency-size ratio and a simple maintenance, make this series an adaptable solution for all facilities.

Plug and Play

By ECoST test (Evair Control Simulation Test), the final plug and play product provides a premium level as to guarantee quality, robustness and comfort for the installer and the end user is concerned.
Certificado ECoST


The components of the REVAC range have been widely tested in diverse applications of HVAC market, a degree of experience that guarantees its robustness and durability over time.

Counterflow Energy Exchanger

Counterflow energy exchange maximixes average temperature difference throughout the process, and thus the thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger.
Intercambiador a contracorriente

Comfort and Reliability

REVAC series is specially designed to ensure the correct response equipment in all operating conditions, constituting a reliable solution for the end user.
Confort y Fiabilidad

Technical Characteristics

Model REVAC-500 REVAC-900 REVAC-1800 REVAC-2300 REVAC-3000 REVAC-4500
Supply Voltage (V) 230V 50 Hz 1F 230V 50 Hz 1F 230V 50 Hz 1F 230V 50 Hz 1F 230V 50 Hz 1F 230V 50 Hz 1F
Current (A) 2x0,7 2x1,3 2x2,8 2x2,8 2x5,0 2x9,6
Ingress Protection IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20  
Heat Exchanger Ef. (%) 78,2 76,3 78,1 77,9 76,7 76,7
Air Flow (m3/h) 432 792 1188 1656 2196 2952
External Pressure (Pa) 100 150 210 200 250 300
Power Consumed (W) 250 500 920 1020 1430 2340