The air handling unit is the main element of the HVAC system. The fundamental concept that defines the SMART series is flexibility; its use extends to all types of non-residential buildings, commercial, civil applications, hospitality, energy, industry ...
Complete customization is the signature of product range SMART, each singularity portrays a detail to be considered when designing, configuring and selecting the unit components. Regarding construction, modular design and the possibility to adapt dimensions allows us to offer a trustworthy solution, up to the highest expectations.

The series has a range of 18 models that can cover a range of flow rates from 1.000 up to 150.000 m3/h.

SMART product range fits for customized solutions for primary and secondary air, including most components and finishings available in the HVAC market. Its compatibility with hydronic and direct expansion systems, and the plug and play option (using ModBus, BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, MP-Bus... communication protocols) makes it possible to deliver a comprehensive, balanced and consistent solution. EVAIR, through the EUROVENT certification of serie SMART, guarantees the performance of the components that make up the unit. Technical datasheets information truly represents the real performance of the unit during its regular use. The performance of the SMART series are the result of a culture of efficient product development, a thorough analysis of national and international standards and the experience of years of work to meet the needs of comfort in all types of non-residential applications.

Plug and Play

By ECoST test (Evair Control Simulation Test), the end plug and play product provides a premium level as to guarantee quality, robustness and comfort for the installer and the end user is concerned.


The DNA of AHU is its versatility as a unit, it can be 100% configurable. In the SMART series, that adaptability is supported by a guarantee of performance. Through the Eurovent certification of this serie, Evair transmits to the final customer the influence of the system as a whole in the final performance.


SMART series may incorporate high efficient components, EC technology, recovery systems (efficiency over 73%), optimizing air-water heat exchangers geometries,high efficiency filtration systems... all together, but also a thermodynamic and fluid dynamic analysis ensures an efficient solution.

Comfort and Reliability

SMART series is specially designed to ensure the correct behavior of the unit regardless the operating condition, constituting a reliable solution for the end user.

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