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EVAIR is a leader company in personalized HVAC system solutions. We develop, manufacture and commercialize HVAC products for our customer applications, specially Air Handling Units. We propose solutions ranging from simple systems to complex thermodynamic solutions with control and communication among the unit in the installation. We have presence in sectors like pharmaceutical, hospitable, automotive, aerospace, general industry, among others.

EVAIR, in the last years, has built up a reputation due to the projects carried out at national and also international level (Europe, Latin-American, Middle East and North of Africa). Our production facility is located in Spain, and covers over 10000m2 directly dedicated to design, test and manufacture our solutions. Our business model is based on the new information technologies (IT) as well as the latest management techniques, which leads us to achive a high efficient key operations, resulting in tight deadlines in terms of design, manufacturing and delivery, ensuring, at the same time, the quality and customization our customer requires.

EVAIR´s main pillar is the high professionalism of its working team, whose deep know-how make them experts in developing innovative solutions. Our values are quality, sustainability, personalization and continuous innovation.

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