EVAIR´s BYA series is designed to guarantee optimal units for demanding space requirements, mainly to locate them in false ceilings. Flat Size units are offered from 390mm to 1080mm of height with flow rates ranging from 900m3/h to 19700m3/h. On request can be customized in powers. filtration levels and dimensions
The units incorporate plugfans with EC technology, guaranteeing low sound levels and high energy efficiency, integrated control, and optionally integrated valves and communication.
The construction is based on double-walled panels with insulation and aluminum profile structure. A lift kit could be provided with the units.

This product range offers flexible solutions up to 20.000 m3/h, for both primary and secondary air. Its possible compatibility with hydronic systems and direct expansion systems makes it a versatile system adaptable to any installation. The plug and play solution offers the user a custom-made answer including different control alternatives, as well as communication with the building management system via ModBus, BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, MP-Bus protocols ...
The performance of the BYA range came from a culture of efficient products development, achieving, for different levels of filtration, reduced energy consumption and low sound power as well as thermal power and high pressures available.
BYA detalles constructivos

Plug and Play

By ECoST test (Evair Control Simulation Test), the final plug and play product provides a premium level as to guarantee quality, robustness and comfort for the installer and the end user is concerned.

Comfort and Efficiency

BYA series is specially designed to ensure uniformity of air in all areas, decrease turbulence and increase the feeling of comfort during use.

FlowGrid System

FlowGrid is a solution specially designed to reduce disturbances in the airflow without affecting fan performance. This system reduces the sound pressure across the frequency spectrum, especially in the most critical tones

EC Technology

The EC technology has a significant high efficiency (level IE4). Integrating rotor, motor and electronics are adjusted to obtain optimum results.

Technical Characteristic

Model Air flow (m3/h)  Capacity (Cold Coil kW)  Capacity (Heat Coil kW) Width (mm) Width' (mm)(*) Height (mm) Length (mm)  Weight (Kg)
BYA-1.0  900 5,88  7,72  700 1200 390  1060  90
BYA-1.5 1300  8,42 7,17  900 1400 390  1060 115
BYA-2.0 1850  11,83 15,81 1170  1670 390  1060 140
BYA-2.5  2400  15,37  21,09 1260  1760 460  1385 175
BYA-3.0  3150  19,62 26,03 1530  2030 460  1295 210
BYA-4.0  4100  26,50 35,20 1610  2110 490  1295 265
BYA-5.0  5300  34,88 45,01 2030  2530 490  1245 280
BYA-7.0  6900  45,86 58,96 2120  2620 590  1300 370
BYA-9.0  9000  59,98 77,09 2270  2770 690  1500 465
BYA-12  11600  76,96 100,03 2490  2990 780  1630 565
BYA-15  15100  95,76 131,07 2700 3200 910 1750 730
BYA-20  19700  119,82 171,23 2875  3375 1080  1900 900

  *Width in case of integrate the valves inside the housing equipment.




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